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Laser 4.7 Sail Full Image

Laser® 4.7 Sail

$ 164.00


  • Color: white
  • 3.8 oz. Low Aspect Dacron for optimum sail shape, control, and shape longevity
  • Has three battens with the same stiffness as the class legal sail, one telltale per side, and two vision windows
  • Measurements (in inches): Luff 158; Foot 95; Leech 172
  • A 3 meter blue tube bag is supplied which allows the sail to be removed from the mast and rolled from the head down around the top mast section. The bag will take the sail and both mast sections
  • These are recreational sails and are not class legal


Laser® is the registered trademark of Vanguard Sails and/or Laser Performance. Kevane Sails is not an authorized dealer, distributor, or licensee of Vanguard Sails and/or Laser Performance. We have no affiliation with either of these companies.